What is a micro precision aluminum parts processing?

What is a micro precision aluminum parts processing?

Aluminum Extrusions are produced by a process by which heated aluminum alloy material is forced through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile.

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COMPANY CULTURES: VISION:We aim to become a global high-end precision hardware cold extrusion service provider and can continue to contribute unique value, worthy of long-term trust as partners in China. MISSION:We focus on and deeply cultivate the precision cold extrusion field to solve the difficulties and pain points of the industry and customers as our mission. Also we continue to innovate, join the global high-end manufacturing industry chains, and promote high-quality "Made in China" hardware to the world VALUES: *Quality first *supreme service *honest and pragmatic *customer satisfaction

We focus on the leader in precision cold extrusion process and solutions to reduce manufacturing costs

STANDARD METAL, we are professional solutions provider who focus on hardware consecutive precision cold extrusion technology to solve the industry problems of high cost, low efficiency, difficult processing of high-tech hardware manufacturing.

Technical Features Advantages

Technical Features: 1). High precision molding, fast speed, parts tolerance can be tested within +/ -0.02mm. 2). One time molding without other supporting process. 3). Truly optimize the cost, applicable to Invar, Kovar, copper, iron, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel and other raw materials which are malleable under HV220 hardness degrees can be completed into extrusion molding. STD really solves the angle collapse problems in cold pier and stamping process

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STANDARD METAL has a number of independent intellectual property rights included 12 domestic and international invention patents.

We mainly focus on optical communication, car automotive sensors, industrial automation, precision medical equipments, aviation industrial automatic control hardware, military packaging hardware, consumer electronics hardware and other applications. STD is using high-technology, unique innovation and modern process management to provide highly competitive products and offer professional services to meet customer needs.

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The role of micro precision aluminum parts processing

Aluminum can be recycled without degrading its inherent property. Only 5% of the energy is consumed to recycle the scraped aluminum and to manufacture the same again.Aluminum’s most popular applications include.Consumer Goods.Construction.Transportation.Electrical Consumer Goods.Beverage Cans and Bottles.Used in Aircrafts

The role of micro precision aluminum parts processing

Deformation reduction measures for micro precision aluminum parts processing

Reduce the internal pressure in hair cultivation, improve the cutting ability of the tool, reasonably select the tool shape parameters, rake angle, clearance angle, helix angle, input angle, improve the tool structure, reduce the number of teeth of the milling cutter, increase the chip removal space, Bruxism, strict adherence to tool wear standards, improved workpiece clamping, rational arrangement of processes.

Deformation reduction measures for micro precision aluminum parts processing

The advantages of micro precision aluminum parts processing

It is light, has corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, another benefit of aluminum is that it acts as a good reflector, has reflectivity and ductility, is odorless and impermeable to water. Even with 0.007mm thick aluminium foil it is still impermeable and has no substance taste or smell.

The advantages of micro precision aluminum parts processing
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The product is miniature, the size of 1 cubic millimeter hardware structure can be produced.


Good reputation! Fine workmanship in line with buyer's specifications, delivery on time.


High precision of products, tolerance ±0.02mm can be guaranteed.


Fast delivery speed, daily output of more than 200,000P.

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Aluminum Precision Products has 50-years of experience forging parts for leaders in the aerospace, defense, and automobile industries. APP is known for producing high quality precision, conventional, and hand forgings across the United States and in foreign markets.

Aluminium was first used in municipal public transport in the production of Parisian buses. Chocolate in a foil wrapping. Tobler, a Swiss chocolate company, was the first to use aluminium foil for chocolate packaging. The famous triangle-shaped Toblerone bar was wrapped in aluminium foil, among other products.

Russia was the third country, following France and England, to commence industrial aluminium production. The smelter was founded by industrialist A. A. Novoveisky in the vicinity of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. Metal was extracted at the smelter using the chemical method developed by Sainte-Claire Deville..

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