Cold Extruded Kovar Alloy 29 Holes Parts, Controlled Tolerance: ±0.02mm

Cold Extruded Kovar Alloy 29 Holes Parts

DESCRIPTION:Cold Extruded Kovar Alloy 29 Holes Parts

Cold Extruded Kovar Alloy 29 Holes Parts are customized and are non-sale items. 

Kovar alloy 29 holes parts are formed by using continuous mold cold extrusion technology. The average output per minute can reach 150 pieces as maximum and the product tolerance can be controlled within ±0.02mm. 

Its product finish can be controlled within RA1.2 and the burring is preciously less than 0.01mm. We use Kovar wire material to produce them and the material utilization rates is more than 65%. 

The efficiency of production rates is 50 times than CNC due to the advanced continuous mold cold extrusion technology, which can greatly reduce the cost of product usage.
Cold Extruded Kovar Alloy 29 Holes Parts
Product Description Detailed Inf
Processing Technic Cold extrusion
Material Kovar Alloy
Tolerance ±0.02
Daily Capacity 100P/Minute
Specification(Size) Customized
Post-processing RA 1.2
Technical difficulties No collapse edge & deburring

Definition of Precision Cold Extrusion: Precision cold extrusion is an important part of precision plastic volume forming technology. Cold extrusion is to put the metal blank in the cold extrusion mold cavity at room temperature, The press machine will punch the blank by fixed mold to apply pressure to the blank so that the metal blank gets plastic deformation and be shaped into different part. Its precision is higher and the producing speed is faster.